Fiction (and essays) in print.


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Epiphanies (2017) essay by Paul Rooney
in The Wire 401 July 2017 (music magazine). 
Published by Tony Herrington (buy), 2017.

Flash dark

Feral-Nowledge (2012) text by Paul Rooney
in Flash 500 (paperback, short writing collection). 
Published by Akerman Daly (buy), 2015.

Dust book COVER promo large CMYK
19 texts (2003-2012) by Paul Rooney.
Dust and Other Stories by Paul Rooney (paperback, short story collection). 
Published by Akerman Daly/Aye Aye Books (buy), 2012. David Hebblethwaite (Bookmunch) review.

Best Laid

I Can Travel Far From Here (2008) text by Paul Rooney
in Best Laid Plans (exhibition catalogue).
Published by Drawing Room (buy), 2011.

Excerpts from Thin Air (2009) text by Dr Annette Gomperts and Paul Rooney
in Education (Documents of Contemporary Art Series) (paperback, writing anthology). 
Published by Whitechapel Gallery/MIT Press (buy), 2011.

Let Me Take You There (2003) text by Alain Chamois and Paul Rooney
in Situation (Documents of Contemporary Art Series) (paperback, writing anthology). 
Published by Whitechapel Gallery/MIT Press (buy),

Thin Air
Text accompanying 'sound lecture' by Dr Annette Gomperts and Paul Rooney, with images by Ron Crowcroft (PDF).
Thin Air by Dr Annette Gomperts and Paul Rooney (paperback, artist's book). 
Published by Sound and Music (buy), 2009.

Trying to Cope
Letters That Rot into Mulch text by Paul Rooney
in Trying to Cope with Things that aren’t Human (Part One) (exhibition catalogue). 
Published by
AirSpace (buy), 2009.

Wrongteous cover
Dust (Room 302) text by Paul Rooney
in Wrongteous (hardback, collection of art and fiction edited by Leo Fitzmaurice and Paul Rooney, writers include Graham Greene, David Foster Wallace, Donald Barthelme, Helen Simpson, Malcolm Lowry; artists include KwieKulik, Rachel Goodyear, LS Lowry, Jacob Epstein, Sultan and Mandel, Nedko Solakov). 
Published by Art Editions North (buy),

Failing That
Text with images by Paul Rooney.
Failing That by Paul Rooney (gallery brochure). 
Published by Matt's Gallery (buy),